Food Ratings

Here are my restaurant reviews, travel guides, and more. Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!

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Ratings Info

We decided we would start providing ratings for restaurants, since we’ve visited so many over the years.

The ratings system will be similar to, but less pretentious than, the Michelin Star system (see chart below). We will only award a star if the restaurant is exceptional in some way. If a restaurant doesn’t receive any stars, it doesn’t mean the meal was bad, it just means it wasn’t extraordinary. In fact, it would be better to say we are “awarding” stars, rather than “rating” establishments.

As time allows, I will publish guides organized by locations, types of food, stars awarded, etc.

Here’s some info on our star awards:

Outstanding, would definitely visit again

Exceptional, must visit if in the area

Worth making a special trip just to eat there

Here’s some info on the Michelin star system: