Born and raised in western North Carolina, I’ve always loved captivating landscapes, authentic food, and engaging travel. A Mountaineer alumnus, I earned my undergraduate and two graduate degrees from Appalachian State University. My wife and I reside in Boone, NC.

This website chronicles our adventures – travel and food, international and domestic. I’m excited to bring you along for the journey.

Church Trip 2020 2021

The latest adventure

After a long travel drought and many postponements/cancellations, a new Church Trip finally happened. During Summer 2021, we visited:

America’s northern Rockies are an incredible place, and I’m excited to share about our time there.

Coming soon...

We’re headed to the Centennial State!

We can’t wait to check another trip off the bucket list. More to come…

Colorado 2022

Do you enjoy travel? food? photography? music?

You’ve come to the right place.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you.